Shot Blasting Process

Shot blasting is a one step system that strips, cleans, and properly etches concrete floors. The cleaning head has a completely enclosed centrifugal blast wheel. As the wheel spins metallic abrasive, (shot) is fed into its center and thrown from its blades to blast the floor surface. Media and contaminants rebound into a separation system, which removes the contaminants to an attached dust collector and automatically recycles the shot for re-use.

The 14 inch shot blaster is designed for high performance surface preparation and removal of medium to large areas. This 23 horsepower shot blasting system is one of the most powerful in the world.

This shot blasting system combines high power and ease of use for one step removal, cleaning, and preparation of concrete surfaces. The unique 6-fin blast wheel delivers the best shot blast pattern possible. The patented modular system makes it possible to attach an extension unit and double the blast width. With its 23 horsepower motor and 14 inch blast pattern, this system can easily handle every shot blasting job, no matter how large.

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